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29 October
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i saw you cracking first
your eyes gave it all away
travelled a thousand miles
just to hear you breathe my name.

an anchor by the shore
don't need these fins no more
i'll sit with you and pray
that i'll make it back some day.

when i inhaled your sweater
i knew you were a clean boy
like the one i always wanted
but felt i deserved less.

and i couldn't want anything more
than to keep you here in my lungs
with the sweet new smell of laundry
keeping me afloat.

my watch weighs on my wrist
i was stuck somewhere on your mouth
waiting for a kiss
it's been a pleasure to make your aquaintance.

don't tatoo yourself to death
and be careful on your skateboard
live life like it's going somewhere
don't look at me looking back at you.

keep your head above the water
you're much too pretty to drown
don't look down.